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Paleontologist Gregg Gunnell, Director of the Division of Fossil Primates from 2011-2017, amidst the DFP’s collection of more than 30,000 fossils. Specimens range from 55 million to 500 years old and provide important clues to primate evolution. Photo by Duke University Photography.

The Division of Fossil Primates (DFP) houses rare and unique collections of vertebrates from around the world that document the complexity, diversity, and evolutionary history of life over the past 55 million years. Thesecollections include what is probably nike air force mid og original year 1993 chinese fLwaDm
, the group that includes living monkeys, apes, and humans. In addition, itsskeletal specimens of extinct giant lemurs from Madagascar are unmatched anywhere else in the world.

Over 30,000 specimens are housed at DFP and span time ranges from 55 to 48 million years (Wyoming), 37 to 19 million years (Egypt), 18 to 7 million years (India), and 10,000 to 500 years (Madagascar).

Although the DFP collections focus primarily on primates,many other mammals and vertebrates are also represented. Specimens range from nearly complete skeletons of subfossils from Madagascar to skulls, dentitions, and isolated postcranial elements from Egypt, India, and Wyoming. An extensive collection of comparative casts and recent primate skeletons is also included in the DFP collections.

Duke and the Duke Lemur Center areusingMorphoSource to build a “virtual ark” of the DFP’s fossils, giving researchers and students — even high-schoolers! — in the U.S. and around the worldfree access to our fossil specimenswithout having to drive or flyto our facility. “By scanning them in the microCT and creating these beautiful 3-D models, we can digitize the specimens and share them online. nike free 50 v4 damen günstig strom
.” Ourgoal is to make every specimen in the DFP’s vastcollection digitally available as soon as possible.

DFP specimens currently available for download and study via MorphoSource can be viewed here .

MorphoSource was developed by Doug Boyer of Duke’s Department of Evolutionary Anthropology. To learn how digitizing natural history collections and making them digitally available to anyone with a computer and internet access “stands to have a transformative impact on natural sciences,” see nike air command force stores near


You must take the receipt in order for the gate to go up.

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ALCO Parking

1 day ago

Funny lady Chelsea Handler makes an appearance at the Benedum Center tonight! Don't miss a minute of laughter - park nearby in Theater Square Garage. ... See More See Less

Theater Square Garage - ALCO Parking

Hours: Seven days a week – 24 hours Entrance: Seventh Street Entrance and Exit, Express Exit to Fort Duquesne Blvd Clearance: 7′ 2″ Ideal for Cultural District events and daily commuter parking ...

3 days ago

The home opener is here at last! Park in Gold Lot 1 before watching the Pittsburgh Pirates dominate the Minnesota Twins! ... nike shocks vs air max

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Entrance: W General Robinson St Leases NOT VALID for PNC Park or Heinz Field events. Leases must exit lot by 6:00pm on weeknight Pirates games.

4 days ago

Spend the holiday watching the rock-musical that swept the nation. Today is the last day to see Rent at Heinz Hall! Theater Square Garage offers convenient parking. ... nike roshe run woven 20 trainers shoes CMIvw

Don't drag the little ones halfway across town before catching Paw Patrol Live! Park in the Benedum Lot nearby before a night of family-friendly fun. ... air jordan 1 1985 sample

Benedum Lot - ALCO Parking

Hours: Monday – Friday 7:00am to 12:00 midnight Saturday – 4:00pm to 12:00 midnight Sunday – Closed except for events Entrance: Entrance on Penn Avenue NO oversized vehicles Conveniently located...

5 days ago

The Pens take on the Montreal Canadiens tonight at PPG Paints Arena. Park nearby at Manor Complex Garage for only $13! ... air jordan flight 97 grey TmBK6zt

Manor Complex Garage - ALCO Parking

I agree %100 that having to type the code is the best way to learn. Even if it means just re-typing something from an example. With Teletype code re-typing is super easy, since the lines are so short and each script is no more than 6 lines!

So, does anyone have any tidbits to share? Something that you coded in Teletype that was especially satisfying?

Great thread, but i am still waiting for my teletype !

I like the idea of posting code directly, prefaced with four spaces, like this:

although that doesn’t really address the posting of a full scene.

I agree that typing code in is useful, also fun. It also matches the memorylessness of modular generally.

Here’s a question: if two scripts each set P.N to different values and call P.NEXT, what happens if the scripts are triggered at the same time? Does P.NEXT reliably increment and read the right P? (I see that the Reich scene roshe run sale nike free
posted does this, or might do this.)

Good question about declaring two different patterns and possible confusion. I have not noticed any problems with this. I think if you call P.N right before the P.NEXT in the same script, it should not get confused with other patterns called in different scripts. I would be curious to hear from nike air jordan spizike grey/pink wool
about the order in which commands/scripts are executed. But if the scripts are executed “as a whole” then there should not be issues…

I think the reality is that nothing truly happens ‘at the same time’ in the processor. Everything is processed sequentially (though there could be some strange race conditions). A whole script will be performed before another script is run, so if this happens inside a single script then it should be quite reliable.

If you’re triggering multiple scripts, it will likely depend on the source that is sending the triggers.

Meadowphysics for example will reliably trigger the lower number outs before the higher ones. Thus two simultaneous triggers from MP outs 1 2, will trigger the script connected to 1, then the script connected to 2. This isn’t so much a designed behaviour, but that is what I’ve observed through practice.

Makes perfect sense.

i might’ve asked this before but can’t remember - what if there are delays in a script? would it delay everything else until all of the delayed commands have been executed?

say you have this:

say 2 gets triggered almost right after 1, would CV 1 change to 1, 3, and (after delay) 2, or 1, 2 (after delay) and 3?

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