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Take some quiet time for yourself. In the quietness you will begin to recognize yourself again. We so easily lose ourselves in the daily shuffle of life. Mindfulness and awareness will allow you to participate in your life rather than only reacting to life. Through practicing mindfulness, you can begin to enjoy the simple things in life that have been lost in the clutter. Meditation is the powerful antidote to many of the poisons in your life; it stills vast yearnings and inner-discontentments. Meditation provides a reprieve from the vicious swings of worry; that horrid place where our mind continually wanders, where it's filled with fear and grasping for unknowable futures. Meditation opens you to completeness; a moment of true reality. Meditation does not strive — it only opens you to what is. As your hopes and desires disappear, you emerge. Through meditation you begin to take form in your interior as a beautiful being. Free from self-deception and fear, you will start to see and believe in your own beauty. As you submerge into your own realm of nothingness you feel you are being pulled into some great oneness; a mending of the fractures in your own consciousness. Nothing to conquer or control, no-one to quarrel with — the still mind is peaceful, and the still mind is free. Your quiet moments prepare you for the harsh scuffles and abrasions of life. Take some quiet time for yourself to center and to transcend the madness. Quietness is the most unpretentious preparation for a life of peaceful significance.

"Follow your intuition, step into the unknown and leap into the field of all possibilities." — Jayme Barrett

Jayme Barrett

You are reading a portion of writings from the #1 National Best-Seller, "Simple Reminders." Click to learn more and nike blazer sb chlorine blue
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Human Potential Thought Leader ✮ WSJ USA Today Best-Selling Author ✮ Top Social Media Influencer ✮ UN Appointed Global Champion ✮ 12+ MILLION Social Subscribers ✮ Reaching 50+ Million Weekly ✮ Syndicated on People Magazine Huffington Post Celebrity ✮ Co-Founder of nike free innova woven leather bar
, SRN, and the Royal Society

"I live in Austin, Texas with my wife Jenni, and I have three amazing daughters. I am a simple person, who as a boy, ran around barefoot on a dirt-road in Alabama — dreaming of being a writer. I am probably best known as a writer of pithy sayings and small, simple aphorisms which have found their way into tens-of-thousands of publications, including by some of the biggest publishers in the world. I love to inspire people and show them their inner-beauty. I see the world spiritually. My mission is to cause people to consider kinder ways in which we could do business, structure our relationships and treat the world."


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Fremdtunes 'S Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

Fremdtunes is a Dutch record-label focussing on electronic, groove-based music: from Trip-Hop to Skweee to Bass to Future ... Funk. Danceable music that move both the crowd and critics, always accompanied by eye-catching artwork and original concepts. Releases include music by Kelpe, Devastate, Coco Bryce, DJ Optimus, Soosh, Jameszoo, Emufucka, Pierce Warnecke, Big Mister Doom, Moods and many others. ... more more

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New College- and Career-Ready standards emphasize the importance of speaking, listening, and conversing not only as a means for learning, but also as a valuable goal of learning. Starting October 3, Professor Kenji Hakuta and Drs. Sara Rutherford-Quach and Jeff Zwiers at Stanford Graduate School of Education once again will offer an online professional development course that focuses on student conversations, Constructive Classroom Conversations: Improving Student-to-Student Interactions. The overall purpose of this course is help teachers prepare students, and particularly language learners, to have in-depth conversations about content area concepts and topics.

This course consists of six online sessions, with two or three weeks devoted to each session. Each session includes expert video screencasts, classroom video clips, readings and resources, and assignments that will prompt participants to strengthen the curricular foundations of communication. Participants are free to complete the session tasks at their own pace as long as they finish them within the allotted time. Participants will learn to:

The teaching team has been designing and offering online professional development courses for four years. All three instructors work in Stanford University’s nike air max ltd orange grey white tabby TkL2qY
, which focuses on language, learning, and equity issues across a range of educational settings. Thousands of educators have participated in these professional development courses. Comments such as this are common:

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