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Athletes in Action Volleyball was started in 1982 by Barb Bernlohr and Bobby Herron. The first women's team was sent out that same year, traveling to Japan. Our focus has been to send our teams internationally, which has led us all over the globe to countriesin Latin America, Africa, Europe and Asia. We understand the hunger athletes have to learn and to go out and seethe world. From this hunger, tours and projects were born to challenge and provide space for those athletes to learn, grow and go. AIA Volleyball is committed to seeking God's leading, looking to maximize the impact in the countries we travel to, and investing wholly into the participants on our tours.

AIA Volleyball is always looking for players and coaches who want to take the challenge of going beyond the court, while still using their skills and passion for volleyball to make a difference in the world. Sport is one of the few languages that can cross cultural and spoken language barriers. Sport gives us the opportunity to use volleyball all over the world to open doors, build bridges and change lives. It's impact goes well beyond the scoreboard .

Get a glimpse of a volleyball tour through the AIA Volleyball Team Blog

Check out our tours below.

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We will be representing the Men’s and Women’s teams as the USA Team in the 2018 FISU World University Games!

We are taking a non-competing team for 9 days where our focus will be clinics, coaching and playing alongside the players. This is a unique and exciting opportunity because it is the main sport that women play in this country. Through our time with the players we will be looking to spread the good news! Check out our AIA Volleyball 2016 and 2017 Central Asia Team Blogs.

Our mission for this camp is to help you to use the platform of professional athletics to be a family on mission to expand the Kingdom of God. This camp will be focused on equipping you with the ministry skills and community that you need to flourish in your player missionary position wherever God has placed you! Our time will include hearing from seasoned missionaries and former professional volleyball players who used their platform as an opportunity to do missions!

Competing/Clinic tour led by Athletes in Action Canada Volleyball!

Click the link to fill out an application and one of our staff members will get in touch with you as soon as you complete it! To learn more and read some FAQ's about travelling with AIA, visit our FAQ Page

Now, let’s imagine that we want to track the mouse position in another component as well. Can we reuse any of the code from our <App> ?

In the createClass paradigm, the problem of code reuse was solved using a technique called “mixins”. Let’s create a MouseMixin that anyone can use to track the mouse position.

Problem solved, right?! Now anyone can simply “mix in” MouseMixin to their component class to get the x and y of the mouse in this.state !

Then last year, arrived and ultimately the React team decided to move away from using createClass to use them instead. It was a wise decision. Who wants to maintain their own class model when JavaScript already has one built-in?

But there was a problem: ES6 classes don’t support mixins . Also, besides the fact they aren’t part of the ES6 class spec, mixins have other shortcomings too, many of which discussed at length in a post on the React blog .

ES6 classes don’t support mixins

To summarize, problems with mixins are:

ES6 classes Indirection Naming collisions

So instead of using mixins, many in the React community eventually settled on an alternative technique for code reuse known as nike air max 2015 us 1431a
, or HOCs. In this paradigm, code is shared using a similar technique to decorators ; you start with the component that defines the bulk of the markup to be rendered and then wrap it in more components that contain the behavior you’d like to share. Instead of mixing in the behavior you need, you can just decorate your component! 😎


It was a good solution that solved the problem of code reuse elegantly in the brave new world of ES6 classes, and the community adopted it in droves.

At this point I’d like to stop and ask: what did we gain by moving to higher-order components? Did we solve any of the problems we had with mixins?

Let’s see:

Another problem that both mixins and HOCs share is that they use static composition instead of dynamic composition . Ask yourself: where is the composition happening in the HOC paradigm? Static composition happens once, when the component class is created (e.g. AppWithMouse in the previous example).

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