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This infographic shows that being good at math or languages are not the only two ways to be smart.

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That is what school beat into us byputting certain types of intelligence on a pedestal and ignoring other types. If you are not good at math or language, you might still be gifted at other things but it was not called “intelligence”. Why?

In 1983 an American developmental psychologist Howard Gardener described 9 types of intelligence nike womens blazer mid suede black

Naturalist Musical nike air force 1 black size 8 14vhFQ
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Interpersonal Bodily-kinesthetic Linguistic nike free 40 flyknit womens trainers

What other scientists thought were just soft-skills, such as interpersonal skills, Gardener realized were types of intelligence. It makes sense. Just as being a math whiz gives you the ability to understand the world, so does being “people smart” give you the same ability, just from a different perspective. Not knowing math you may not calculate the rate at which the universe is expanding, but you are likely to have the skills to find the right person who will.

Here is an overview of the multiple intelligences theory, summarized by ASCD [2] :

Naturalist intelligence designates the human ability to discriminate among living things (plants, animals) as well as sensitivity to other features of the natural world (clouds, rock configurations). This ability was clearly of value in our evolutionary past as hunters, gatherers, and farmers; it continues to be central in such roles as botanist or chef. It is also speculated that much of our consumer society exploits the naturalist intelligences, which can be mobilized in the discrimination among cars, sneakers, kinds of makeup, and the like.

Musical intelligence is the capacity to discern pitch, rhythm, timbre, and tone. This intelligence enables us to recognize, create, reproduce, and reflect on music, as demonstrated by composers, conductors, musicians, vocalist, and sensitive listeners. Interestingly, there is often an affective connection between music and the emotions; and mathematical and musical intelligences may share common thinking processes. Young adults with this kind of intelligence are usually singing or drumming to themselves. They are usually quite aware of sounds others may miss.

David J. Brown

The KPMG/HfS survey also found that replacing “on premise” software solutions with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms (32%), as well as training and workforce development and change management initiatives (28%), ranked among the highest priorities of the senior vice presidents and vice presidents and below who were surveyed. Public cloud investments (30%), cognitive computing (28%) and hiring Millennials (20%) rounded out the list. The Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) sector is the top investor in RPA at 44 percent.

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Added Phil Fersht , founder, CEO and chief analyst at HfS Research: "There has never been a time in the history of services when we've arrived at such a pivotal turning point. What used to work for clients is now commodity, and those service providers wanting to avoid this downward spiral into transactional insignificance must make serious investments in their internal capabilities to partner with their clients. They must invest in more people who can work closely with their clients to implement real capabilities -- rolling out automation roadmaps, designing digital business models, and working with clients to develop predictive data models and smart cognitive strategies."

Phil Fersht

Survey Methodology KPMG LLP and HfS surveyed approximately 454 enterprise executives ("buyers") comprised of advisors/consultants (110); service provider executives (265) and others spread across North America (44%); EMEA (23%); Asia-Pacific (26%); and the rest of the world (7%). Approximately 41% of respondents are senior vice presidents and above (including C-Suite). Fully 83% were from companies with revenues of $1 billion+ (36% $5 billion +) evenly distributed across Business Financial Services and Insurance; manufacturing; retail; healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

Survey Methodology

KPMG LLP, the audit, tax and advisory firm ( nike sb x passport blazer mid red
), is the independent U.S. member firm of KPMG International Cooperative (“KPMG International”). KPMG International’s independent member firms have 189,000 professionals, including more than 9,000 partners, in 152 countries.

HfS Research is The Services Research Company™—the leading analyst authority and global community for business operations and IT services. The firm helps organizations validate and improve their global operations with world-class research, benchmarking and peer networking. HfS Research was named "Independent Analyst Firm of the Year for 2016" by the Institute of Industry Analyst Relations, which voted on 170 other leading analysts. In 2016, IIAR named HfS Chief Analyst Phil Fersht Analyst of the Year for the third time.

A mode of analyzing time-series data

YoY stands for Y ear o ver Y ear and is a type of nike roshe run black and white 2015 ford
that’s useful when comparing time series data. Analysts are able to deduce changes in the quantity or quality of certain business aspects with YoY analysis. In finance, investors usually compare the performance of financial instruments on a year-over-year basis to gauge whether or not an instrument is performing expected. This analysis is also very useful when analyzing growth patterns and trends.

In finance, investors usually compare the performance of financial instruments on a year-over-year basis to gauge whether or not an instrument is performing as expected. This analysis is also very useful when analyzing growth patterns and trends.

Economic analysts also commonly use this approach when analyzing countries and their overall economic situation. For example, the YoY approach finds that Japanese GDP has grown 2% in 2016 as compared to 2015, while analysts previously only projected an increase of 1.8%

The YoY approach may also be useful in analyzing monthly revenue growth, especially when the sources of revenue are cyclical. This allows an apples-to-apples comparison of revenue, instead of comparing revenue month-over-month where the may be large seasonal changes.

For example, in the relatively seasonal chocolate industry, it would be more useful to compare revenue growth between December 2016 and December 2017 (where sales are high due to winter sales), as opposed to comparing March 2016 to February 2016, where holiday sales have started to slow. By comparing months in a year over year fashion, the comparison becomes more relevant than two consecutive months that are affected by varying seasonality or other factors.

Here is a list of the most commonly used financial metrics for conducting a year-over-year comparison:

Here is a list oof the most commonly used metrics for conducting a year-over-year comparison:

As an alternative to YoY analysis, an analystmay also want to look at other time series data such as:

Here is a detailed example of YoY analysis in action. This example comes from a financial modeling exercise where an analyst is comparing the number of units sold in Q3 2018 to the number of units sold in Q3 2017.

Let’s break down the YoY analysis step by step.

Click Here to download a PFD version of the program.

Maura Nguyen Donohue, John Gutierrez, Valois Mickens, Eugene the Poogene, Perry Yung Zishan Ugurlu Music: Heather Paauwe Sound Design: Enrico Casagrande Light Design: Daniela Nicolo Assistant to Motus: Lola Giouse CultureHub and Seoul Institute of the Arts Production Team Video Design: Bosul Kim, Sangmin Chae, Billy Clark Set Design: Seoungho Jeong Illustration Animation: Bosul Kim Technical Direction: Yarie Vazquez Production Assistant: Youngsun Lim

Emon Hassan for The New York Times

Review: Who Am I? ‘Panorama’ Says There Is No Easy Answer by Ben Brantley "a vibrant celebration of what really makes America great: the quality of its people, from every corner of the world, and inspired to create beauty in whatever they do" - Molly Grogan, Exeunt "trippy AF and really well done!" "Panorama playfully and rigorously blurs the possibilities of who we are." - Adil Mansoor, Contemporary Performance Motus Theater Company's PANORAMA to Play La MaMa This Winter 'Panorama' debuts in the Big Apple with one of the most innovative theaters on the world scene "a burning expression of lives disassociated from the American overculture" - air jordan 7 cardinal history
"an edgy exploration of identity and belonging" - Marcina Zaccaria , Theater Pizzazz "Through vivid performances and visual excess, the show celebrates theater as model for how we all might survive and thrive...a panorama of joy" - black red air jordan 16 trophy
I Motus, il teatro e il presente. Panorama: the dream of seeing everything Motus Theatre Company

PANORAMA has been made possible with public funds from National Endowment for the Arts; the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council, with special thanks to City Council Speaker, Melissa Mark-Viverito; New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York State Legislature and additional supports from Ford Foundation, Howard Gilman Foundation, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and van Itallie Foundation.

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