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This is Lit! The most powerfullight emittingpigment on the planet!

This creation by Stuart Semple blends some of the planet's finest light emitting pigments and rare earth activators to provide all artists* with the ultimate light emitting paint.

What does it do?

Non toxic - contains no hazardous orradioactive substances.

How do you use it?

Important - you can't just mix this with water like Stuart's other powder paints. It needs a binder and we've designed it to work with superbase to create a highly pigmented acrylic paint that will stick to almost anything. However you can also stir it into linseed oil to create an oil paint. NOTE: if you are putting it over a dark surface it's a good idea to put down a layer of white first (our saint potion is an amazing white acrylic that works well)

Important - you can't just mix this with water like Stuart's other powder paints.

Safety bit:

Don't eat it, rub it in your eyes, get it too near your mouth. Probably best not to let kids play with itwithout an adult helping.

*Especially Anish Kapoor. If you are Anish Kapoor, can prove you are associatedwith Anish Kapoor or to the best of your knowledge information and belief this substance is going to make it's way into the hands of Anish Kapoor, your order will be free! We want you toknow how lovely it feelsto # shareTheLight

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THE BIG YELLOW - 500g world's yellowest yellow powdered paint

*POWDER PACK - the world's colouriest powder paints 4 x 50g by Stuart Semple


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Fastly offers an active content purging system. The API calls related to purging are listed below. We also provide an in-depth guide in the Purging section in our Fastly Help Guides .

As always, if something does not work as expected or differs from the web interface, please contact us right away via our Support Desk or IRC (#fastly on Freenode, or webchat ).

Nearly all API calls require your request to be authenticated though a few do not. You will use API tokens to authenticate your requests. See our nike air max tn ultra white
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Certain API calls related to purging are rate limited. See the rate limiting section for details.

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Instant Purging removes content from Fastly immediately so it can be refreshed from your origin servers. The main entry point for the API, , is not needed for an individual URL Instant Purge.

Instant Purge an individual URL.

Disabled by default. See Authenticating URL purge requests via API to enable.

Instant Purge everything from a service.

API token of a user with at least Engineer permissions .

Instant Purge a particular service of items tagged with a Surrogate Key. Only one surrogate key can be purged at a time. Multiple keys can be purged using a batch surrogate key purge request.

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Arizona's Only Commercial Diver Training School

Most diving jobs require the employee to be underwater to inspect, repair, remove, or install equipment and structures. Divers use a variety of power and hand tools, such as drills, sledgehammers, torches, and welding equipment. (more…)

The skills you’ll learn at CDI won’t limit you to one career track. Your training can take you to the construction, commercial fishing, offshore drilling, topside/underwater welding, or hyperbaric medicine industries…

Commercial Divers come from many backgrounds and take different career paths. Learn about our founders and their careers in Surface-Supplied Diving through both Military and Commercial perspectives.


Download Application Download Catalog

Students are required to have the following equipment in order to complete the diving portions of the program. You may bring any gear you already own or purchase new/used equipment from any retail source. (more…)

Traditional financing for the cost of tuition is available for all students regardless of credit , with interest-only payments while in school.

regardless of credit

All students must complete an ADCI diving physical before any hyperbaric chamber or diving exposure. Some medical conditions may be disqualifying for diving.

CDI is dedicated to the success of our veteran students and is proud to be operated by veterans. Because of our small program size, CDI staff is able to maintain thorough contact with each of our students, and our staff of former service members recognizes the unique needs of veterans and their families whether they are making their first adjustment into civilian life or just looking for a change in career. As our program grows, we are committed to increasing our outreach and resources specific to veterans as much as possible.

Commercial Divers International is proud to be a 2018 Military Friendly® Silver School.

Continue reading “For Veterans and Military Families”

CDI’s facility was built specifically to train commercial divers. Diver training occurs on site in our indoor 20,000 gallon training tanks and open water dives are completed at Lake Pleasant. CDI is the only diving school to offer a penetration tank to simulate the experience of pipeline diving.

Maker Faire Bay Area:1 month, 14 days, 02:38:12

Quick Mini-Loom Ornament

April 7 8, 2018

April 14 15, 2018

April 28 29, 2018

May 18-20, 2018

The one-man ace engineering wrecking crew - If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find me, maybe you can hire... the Cabe-team

Sudo Bob’s Teletype (image courtesy of Sudo Bob )

If you were around before desktop computers were commonplace in-home, then you probably remember the teletype. Well folks, the old school communication device is making a comeback, thanks to the efforts of a self-proclaimed nerd by the name of Robert Coggeshall (co-programmer of sudo), and of course, the popular Raspberry-Pi SBC.

Teletype (image courtesy of Sudo Bob)

Teletypes fell off the radar with the advent of the fax machine and personal computer, but for some (like Sudo Bob), having retro devices that are much more difficult to use than the newer gadgets brings a certain level of nostalgia. It’s like rushing home to use your corded home phone, even though you have a cell phone, just because you still like wrapping that curly cord all around the living room furniture. Ah. It gets you every time.

Regardless, Sudo Bob resurrected the teletype just because he can. He snagged a spare teletype from another 70s kid from the NYC Resistor crew at the 2013 Maker Faire and the rest is history. Oh glorious teletype, you have returned!

Schematic for wire the connections of Bob’s RPi and relay board (image courtesy of Sudo Bob)

With a 2-Channel Relay Module, Raspberry-Pi, N-Channel Mosfet, 200 OHM 1 Watt Resistor, 24VDC Wall Wart, F<>F Rainbow Jumper Wiring and a little rewiring, the 50-year-old device has been fully restored. Bob also used the Raspbian Wheezy distro and ran the Ras Pi headless for coding, but use your own discretion if you’re building your own.

The complete package that powers the Teletype (image courtesy of Sudo Bob)

If you’ve got an old teletype you’re looking to restore as well, check out Sudo Bob’s blog for the full specs and building process for making your own.

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Summer opening hours (1 Mar –31 Oct) From 09.30 to 17.00 (last admission 16.00) Winter opening hours (1 Nov –28 Feb) From 09.30 to 16.00 (last admission 15.00)

Bletchley Park

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T: +44 (0) 1908 640404